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‘Shut up your g *** les’: Joshua Jackson reacts to haters’ comments about his girlfriend after she proposed to him

Requested in marriage by his companion last December Joshua Jackson revealed the racist and misogynistic attacks which his companion Jodie Turner-Smith was subjected to for having dared this “non-traditional” gesture. And the actor did not go there by four ways …

The interpreter of the unforgettable Pacey in Dawson’s Creek shared a month ago the marriage proposal of his companion, actress Jodie Turner-Smith. The latter had indeed asked for her hand to Joshua Jackson while the couple was on vacation for the New Year in Nicaragua.

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Joshua Jackson returned to the anecdote giving further details about how things turned out but he also revealed the negative consequences of his confession on his wife. Some Internet users were indeed offended that it was Jodie and not Joshua who initiated the request and harshly attacked the actress of Neon Demon on social networks.

Joshua Jackson sets the record straight

In the interview Joshua Jackson clarified the situation: “Yes, my wife proposed to me, and yes I said yes. But what I didn’t say in the interview was that I posed a condition, because I’m old school, I told him ‘It’s a yes but you have to give me the opportunity to ask you’ “. The actor explained”She has a biological father and a stepfather, who is the man who raised her. [J’ai dit], ‘You have to give me the opportunity to ask these two men for your hand.’ he said to the mother of her daughter Janie before adding: ‘I wish I had the opportunity to ask you, the old fashioned way, on my knees.’ This is actually how the story ended.”

But the actor nevertheless did not digest the dumpsters of insults targeting his wife and carefully chose his words to address his stalkers “racist and misogynist“. “To all those who panic because a woman takes charge of her destiny, shut your mouths.“, he declared injured before continuing:”Good God, you can’t imagine the things people left for my wife on instagram. She did it. I said yes. We are happy. That’s all. That’s all you need to know.He then took the opportunity to pay homage to the one who had lived this ordeal with calm and “Grace” : “I’m impressed with her reaction but I wish she didn’t have to put on armor every morning just to stay alive.”. It is not the singer Lizzo who has just had a sadly similar experience that will contradict him.

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