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showdown Guzeeva and Freindlich brought to the public

A well-known director witnessed the rage.

Filming of the film “Cruel Romance” took place in a tense atmosphere. At some point, Alisa Freindlich, who played Lara Ogudalova’s mother, attacked Larisa Guzeeva, which only pleased the director of the film, Eldar Ryazanov.

Actor Alexander Pankratov-Cherny recalled working on the tape. In one of the scenes, Guzeeva had to cry and laugh at the same time. If she could make people laugh easily, the brunette couldn’t shed a tear.

Here Freindlich intervened. The actress was an amazing professional, and she was able to awaken the most vivid feelings in those around her. There was no handshake.

“Alisa Brunovna looked at this, and then she says:” Engine! The camera starts filming. And Alisa Freindlich will slap Larisa in the face. She began to cry, and then Alisa Brunovna shouted: “Laugh!” And she laughed! – said Pankratov-Cherny in an interview “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Photo source: Legion Media / stills from the movie “Cruel Romance”

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