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Show business news: Vitaly Kozlovsky admitted that Igor Kondratyuk would roll him into asphalt if he could

Ukrainian singer Vitaliy Kozlovsky admitted that he talked with his ex-producer Igor Kondratyuk during the war.

As you know, between Vitaly Kozlovsky and Igor Kondratyuk The conflict has been going on for over a year now. And to be more precise, the ex-producer and ex-mentee have been at enmity for 10 years.

As Kozlovsky said in the Slava + program, he considers Kondratyuk a vile person:

“He behaves incorrectly. My conscience would not allow some little pindyk to take him to court for 10 years. Today I have millions that I have to pay him. I do not use cards, because any figure is 100 UAH, 50 who get on that card, they will be immediately arrested,” Kozlovsky said frankly.

The artist shared that he is an emotional person and can break loose and say too much, however, says Vitaly, his conscience would not allow him to morally kill a person for 10 years:

“I understand that if Kondratyuk had other opportunities, he would have been some high-ranking official, he would definitely have rolled me into asphalt. I would not be there already,” Kozlovsky said.

The artist admits that he really broke the rules and sang his old songs at concerts, but he says he did it because people really asked. Kozlovsky admitted that he even thought about selling his father’s apartment, where he lived in Kyiv, in order to pay off his debts:

“I really broke the rules, sang my songs, the rights of which do not belong to me, and for this I am now raking. When dad died, I thought that I should sell my dad’s Kyiv apartment in order to pay off debts. Kondratyuk seemed to agree that all those debts you you give it to me, and if you want to perform your old repertoire, you will have to pay 5 thousand dollars for each song. But even if this apartment was sold, this money would not be enough to give him those funds, “Kozlovsky admitted.

However, Vitaly says, he decided to pay off these debts at all costs in order to start a normal life from scratch:

“I’ll just break a nosebleed, but I’ll do everything to close those debts, because I want to live on, I want to have children, I want to enter my life, my future family life without the debts that all these *banish me 10 years of pulling down,” shared the artist.

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