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Shooting of the film Netflix: like an air of New York in Port-Louis

End clap for the shooting of the film “Escape to love” by Netflix America. One of the scenes of this romantic comedy which takes place under the snow in New York was filmed in the streets of Port-Louis, on the evening of Thursday, December 3.

Christina Milian.

Artificial snow and a setting to make the streets of New York look like it was the time of filming a scene from the film “Escape to love”, temporary title of Netflix America. This scene, which appears at the beginning of the film, is actually the last the Netflix crew shoot after seven weeks of filming in Mauritius. The filming of the last scenes took place in front of the MCB bank in Port-Louis and in the company’s garden from 8 p.m. until the wee hours of the morning. If the filming of these scenes were to be held in New York, however, Covid-19 played the spoilsport and Netflix had no choice but to shoot the scene from New York to Mauritius. Rue Royale as well as streets Sir William Newton, Corderie, Bourbon and Léoville L’Homme were closed to traffic. Many Mauritians gathered around the film set located in front of the MCB in Port-Louis. On Wednesday night, another New York scene was shot in a nightclub in the north of the island.

Actress Christina Milian, who plays the lead role, had a great time in Mauritius. She set foot on Mauritian soil with her family and her companion, French singer Matt Pokora, on October 3.

The Netflix crew before filming begins

“Everyone has been fantastic. There is so much to see in Mauritius. We have tasted several things. I hope to go back in a few years and shoot another movie. It was beautiful, ”said the actress.

The film is directed by Steven Tsuchida and the screenplay was co-written by Dana Schmalenberg and Rheeqrheeq Chainey. The cast consists of Christina Milian, Jay Pharoah and Sinqua Walls. The Netflix crew and cast are flying home this weekend. According to our sources, Alicia Keys did not want to make the trip to Mauritius so as not to go through the quarantine period.

The story of the film centers on Erica, an aspiring singer, who finds herself unknowingly hired at her ex-fiancé’s wedding when her professional life does not evolve. The film promises to explore “love and family ties” through the flashback between the two former lovers and the brother of the future groom who wants to prevent them from falling in love again.

As a reminder, Netflix America invested Rs 250 million on the shooting of “Escape to love” on Mauritian soil. Of this sum, Rs 75 million were invested in Mauritians working on the film. 80 Mauritians were part of the technical team and 25 others appeared in the film.

Andreas Habermeyer, Director of Identical Pictures, Jeremy Walker, one of the film’s production managers, Arvind Bundhun, Director of the MTPA, Nilen Vencadasamy, President of the MTPA, Avinash Teeluck, Minister of the Arts and Ken Arian, Senior Advisor at PMO.

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