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Shocking Murder Caught on Video: Hitman Kills Workshop Owner in Chiclayo

Horror. In Chiclayo, a hitman dressed as a construction worker entered a mechanical workshop and shot the owner to death, while he recorded everything on video. The macabre event occurred at 8:40 in the morning on Wednesday, July 5.

The victim, identified as Alejandro Pérez García (45), was with his workers and some clients at the premises, when the criminal broke into the establishment. Seconds before, the video cameras, broadcast by Trome, recorded him hanging around the workshop. He barely received a call, approached with the gun in one hand and his phone in the other.

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The criminal fired 15 shots, of which 8 hit the businessman’s neck, face, arms and other parts of the body. Another citizen, named Jhonatan Gómez Rafael, also had a projectile hit his left foot.

The neighbors transferred both to the emergency room of the Lambayeque Regional Hospital, but unfortunately Pérez García did not resist and died on the way.

It is worth mentioning that, hours later, the video of the terrible act was released in a WhatsApp status belonging to a person nicknamed ‘Vacuna’, who would be a criminal, since he published it with the following threatening text: “once again we show you that whoever does not line up goes for homicide, you know, all line up at once ”, it reads.

The case is being investigated by Homicide agents from the Criminal Investigation Division (Divincri) and their relatives demand justice. The victim leaves two small children and one on the way in the orphanage.


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