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“Shi Xinxin Leads Survey on Construction of Civilized Cities in Hebi City”

Release time: April 21, 2023 09:54Source: Hebi DailyViews:

On April 20, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress carried out a survey on the construction of civilized cities across the country. Shi Xinxin, director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, and deputy directors Shang Xin and Li Jie attended the meeting.

Shi Xinxin and his entourage successively came to Qibin Commercial City in Qibin District, Sijiqing Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, Erzhi Canal Reconstruction Project, Niuzhuang Community in Changjiang Road Street, New Era Civilization Practice Center, etc., to learn more about the implementation of various goals and tasks for the creation of a civilized city The situation, existing problems and next-step plans, and communicate with citizens and merchants, solicit opinions and suggestions in depth, and understand the awareness rate, participation rate and satisfaction rate of citizens. Shi Xinxin pointed out in the survey that through the joint efforts of the whole city, the urban facilities of Hebi City are becoming more and more perfect, the urban appearance is changing with each passing day, and the urban order is becoming more and more standardized. , strong efforts, practical measures, and many bright spots, all work has achieved good results.

Shi Xinxin emphasized that this year is the key year for Hebi City to build a national civilized city. At present, various construction work has entered the sprint stage. It is necessary to work hard to overcome difficulties, strictly follow the national civilized city construction standards, and complete various construction tasks with high quality. Go all out to win the final battle of civilization creation. We must pay close attention to the details and comprehensively improve, focus on centralized rectification and detailed improvement of the key points of urban-rural junctions, old residential areas, urban back streets and alleys, and bazaars, implement precise policies, strengthen supervision, optimize order, and create highlights , continue to make up for shortcomings, further improve the quality of life of residents, and enhance the quality and efficiency of construction work. It is necessary to strengthen publicity, actively guide, mobilize extensively, gather joint efforts, promote the participation of the whole people and the joint construction of the whole region, create a good social atmosphere in which “everyone is the main body of the creation of a civilized city, and everyone strives to be the image ambassador of a civilized city”, and set off a city construction work. New orgasm. It is necessary to take the initiative and act actively, give full play to the functional advantages of the National People’s Congress and the exemplary and leading role of the National People’s Congress, strengthen law enforcement supervision, ensure that the relevant local laws and regulations on the establishment of civilized cities are effective, and better realize the rule of law, normalization, and long-term effect of the national civilized cities. and contribute to the national civilized city construction work.

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