Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf is again the prime minister of Kuwait Pravasi | Deshabhimani

Manama> Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Sabah, son of the emir, has been appointed Prime Minister of Kuwait. The order was issued Wednesday by Crown Prince Sheikh Meshal Al Ahmed Al Sabah. Kuna, the official news agency, reported that the crown prince had also instructed the new prime minister to appoint the cabinet.

The Ntri Sabha resigned on 1 October after the general elections on 29. Opposition members won the majority in the elections. Opposition parties won 28 seats in the 50-member assembly.

Due to the dispute between the Parliament and the Cabinet, the Crown Prince dissolved the Parliament and announced the election on June 22.

This is the second time that Sheikh Ahmed has become Prime Minister. Sheikh Ahmed was elected prime minister in July after opposition MPs staged a sit-in to press for a new prime minister. He replaced Sheikh Sabah Al Khalid Al Sabah, who resigned in April ahead of a non-cooperation motion in parliament.

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