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She was able to keep the happy news a secret – eXtra.cz

The sympathetic Czech TV presenter Zuzana Tvarůžková became a mother. She confided the happy news to Expres only now, a few weeks after the happy news. She shared her first feelings and talked about childbirth. Zuzana is beaming with happiness. When will she return to the television screens and what was the name of the little girl?

Favorite presenter of Czech Television viewers could see on TV screens for the last time in March. That’s when an unusual event happened live on ČT 24. Right during the filming, she received her maternity leave his colleague Michal Kubal a bouquet and of course a wish, as we wrote.

The pregnancy announcement itself Zuzana Tvarůžková she procrastinated for a long time and added the first photo with her belly to her Instagram only in the 8th month of pregnancy.

Zuzana Tvarůžková is a mother!

It was not the same in the case of the birth itself. Zuzana has been a proud mother for several weeks, but she only shared the joyful news now, confiding Express website: “It’s a girl, she was born at the end of June. We’re both fine. I was very lucky with the hospital staff and fate because I didn’t have an extremely complicated birth. She’s beautiful, healthy and I hope she’ll be happy. She’s not angry yet, she honey,” he cares. Viewers won’t see her on TV screens for some time, now she wants to take care of the little girl, which she currently considers her job.

“I didn’t feel like bragging about it somewhere. I had completely different worries. But given what I was doing, it was clear to me that everyone would soon find out. I won’t publish the name yet, because it’s not necessary. I considered I will post a photo on Instagram, but I don’t want my first baby to be a public figure,” she revealed. She and her partner Samuel are keeping the name to themselves, for now they want to protect the little princess from the public.

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