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Shark in Glyfada Marina – What to do if we see it – 2024-05-08 05:50:25

A shark was spotted in the Glyfada marina yesterday at noon, Easter Monday.

More specifically, in the second marina of Glyfada, a shark was spotted swimming in the shallows and seemed to have lost its orientation.

Those who were at the scene did not miss an opportunity and took videos of the shark, which went viral on social media.

“There’s no need to panic”

“We live in a country with an excellent sea and a rare biodiversity. 34 species of sharks exist in the Greek seas. This particular species is found in shallow waters, it was hunting something and reached the wrong place. It’s not unusual and it’s not dangerous. There is no reason to panic,” noted Anastasia Miliou, research director of the Archipelago marine protection institute, speaking on Tuesday morning at Mega.

What do we do if we see it?

As for the panic that is usually created just at the mention of the word shark, Ms. Miliou emphasizes that “we see many movies, which have created a myth but, for so many years that we have been recording shark populations in Greek seas, there has never been an accident . It is more likely that the accident was caused by a human factor and not by rare species.”

And if we see it, what do we do? As she advises, “in general, when we see a rare, unusual species we should let it find its way. We stay still, we don’t shout, we don’t scream, there is no reason to panic.”

The incident in Glyfada is a reminder that “the seas are not only for us but also for the rest of the species we live with,” she says.

“We have incidents with seals, with turtles, with various species and it is good to remember that animals are not souvenirs or dangerous selfies, we stay away, enjoy and respect our fellow residents in the Greek seas.”

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