Share Spotify songs with Instagram Stories

One of the most popular music and podcast listening platforms in the world Spotifyin 2018 Instagramcollaborating with in Stories he had shared it. Thanks to the innovation in question, even the screenshot period of the song you want to share is a thing of the past.

Instead, you can view the album art of the song you’re listening to directly from the Spotify app. to your Instagram story You can add. Your friends who are curious and want to hear the song in question are at the top left of the screen. “Listen on Spotify” By clicking on the link, they can quickly access the application. Also, you don’t need to link two apps together to use this integration.

Well, do you know how to share the song you are listening on Spotify to your Instagram story? You can find the answer to this question by following the 5 simple steps below. Let’s begin.

Add Spotify songs to Instagram Stories

a. Open the Spotify app on your phone or tablet. Next to the song you want to share, ellipsefaucet.

2. ShareClick on .

3.From the sharing options “Instagram Stories”choose what.

4. This will open the Instagram app and the song you want to share will automatically be uploaded to your story along with the album art. Also, before sharing your story, articleset stickersyou can add

5.Once the change is complete, at the bottom of the screen “Buyer” Click on the button. Next “Your Story”next to the section ” Split out “ Press the button. Also, let’s say you can send the song you are listening to from the same section to your friends by sending a direct message.

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