Shadow / Zhengmei Shimodian “Xianghan” Driphe Xiatu Community praise: No ponder Thai rice is aromatic

Movie Centre / Noted by Liao Guoan

A latest video went viral on social platforms. Some overseas girls are in the fields of Asian nations around the world and are experimenting with rice planting routines. Nonetheless, the girls are wearing very simple denim attire and are sitting down in the discipline with their chest a bit uncovered, so a lot of netizens may not look absent … And in addition to this constructive girl, there are also other overseas girls who have joined the ranks agriculture.

Zhengmei wore a straightforward denim jacket and sat in Tanaka with his chest somewhat exposed, which caught the eyes of many netizens. (Photo / Summary of “Wutaigo” Twitter)

While the film does not reveal the precise time and place of the capturing, some netizens reported the spot need to be in Thailand, mainly because in current a long time lots of foreigners like to practical experience rural everyday living in Thailand. Immediately after looking at the video clip, many internet people exclaimed: “I want to plant rice as well!”, “We have been to this vacationer attraction”, “No speculate Thai rice is aromatic!”, ” You only see the splendor of planting rice, I don’t even know the agony of being bitten by insects or stung in rice fields! ”,“ I understood it was for laying ”.

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