Sexual Deviation Taqy Malik VS Viral Nephew

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Taqy Malik’s father accused of sexually deviating his new wife

Mansyardin Malik, Taqy Malik’s father, was accused of having sexual deviance by Marlina Oktoria, the wife he just married on Eid al-Adha some time ago.

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Ex Besan, Sunan Kalijaga Loves Taqy Malik’s Father’s Deviant Sexual Acts

Sunan Kalijaga also opened his voice on the case that befell his ex-boyfriend, Mansyardin Malik. According to Marlina Octora, he was married in a serial manner by Taqy Malik’s father and for two months with him he was asked to have deviant sex.

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The issue of Taqy Malik’s father, sexual misconduct, Sunan Kalijaga asked not to be dragged

Sunan Kalijaga was surprised by the news that his ex-girlfriend Mansyardin Malik was dragged into the issue of sexual deviation. Having had a good relationship, Sunan did not expect that Taqy Malik’s father, who is known to be religious, would act like that.

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