Several private schools in Guayaquil and Samborondón manage vaccination for their students over 16 years of age and the educational community | Community | Guayaquil

Today, 115 students from La Moderna received the first dose of the drug.

Private schools in Guayaquil and Samborondón are joining the vaccination process, which is now in phase 3 and includes the population between 48 and 16 years of age, progressively.

In this stage of vaccination, called Minor Contagion, Health authorities have highlighted the support of several private institutions, such as companies and universities, to increase the doses applied per day and reach the desired goal of immunizing 9 million people in 100 days .

This is how since the morning of this Thursday, July 15, at the La Moderna Educational Unit, located in Samborondón, began the immunization of second and third year high school students, parents, former students and the educational community in general.

Only until noon, in the auditorium of that institution the first dose of the vaccine was applied to 200 people; of those, 115 were students who met the requirement of being over 16 years of age. The rest were distributed to family representatives and former students who attended with prior scheduling.

Juan Carlos Rodríguez, rector of La Moderna, pointed out that after seven weeks in the plan of progressive return to classes in the classrooms, they considered it appropriate join the massive immunization plan.

To do this, they met with delegates from the zonal coordination 8 of the Ministry of Public Health and offered their contingent to carry out the immunization of their educational community with the doses made available by the government agency. “We made this approach with the delegates of the Ministry, they came, they got to know the space, they saw the protocol that we had designed and today we started,” he said.

For now, the institution provides its facilities and has a contingent of 14 people, including doctors, pediatrician, nursing assistants and data entry clerks.

The rector stressed that the response from the educational community has been positive and even eight schools in Samborondón and Guayaquil have been interested in immunizing their students. In a first phase, the aim is to cover a population of approximately 2,000 people, he added.

In social networks, Adriana Dáger, general director of the Paul Rivet school, announced that her students (over 16 years old) and parents of second and third year of high school will also be able to attend the vaccination at the Tecnológico Argos facilities. They must come with their identity card from next week.

Meanwhile, the German Humboldt school also called on its students and the educational community to participate in the immunization process.

“Motivated by the sense of solidarity, we joined together with the Ministry of Public Health to the 9/100 vaccination plan to serve our CAH community,” reads the call for the process that will begin on July 19.

The German school plan aims to involve employees, parents, students over 16 years of age and former students. For this, the institution detailed that the registration link will be sent via email to those who are part of these groups. (I)


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