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Sernatur gives the go ahead to the 2024 season of the Senior Citizen Vacations program – 2024-03-10 20:05:37

No one can deny that O’Higgins, against Palestino, had the ball, but he did lack speed from midfield upwards, which deprived him of clear chances to convert. On the other side, and considering their participation in the Copa Libertadores, the visitor waited for the celestials to the point of only arriving through quick transitions that gave them results in added time.

A painful defeat that ended with the undefeated celestial team, and that left conclusions that must be very well analyzed by the coaching staff in view of the duel against the University of Chile and future commitments.

The whites’ number 14, Joe Abrigo, put together a remarkable play for Véjar to close the game in the 90’+3′.


The clearest chance for Capo in the opening stage and in the match came in the 11th minute with a pirouette by Martín Sarrafiore. The Argentine midfielder connected the ball with a scissors and the horizontal saved Rigamonti. He was the first, but the arch denied the Rancagüino celebration.

Of course, previously, the Arab team had the goal, since Gonzalo Sosa was alone against Peranic, but the attacker was not able to connect in a good way. Three minutes later, Sosa himself had a goal disallowed that he converted from a lead position.

Later, between Rabello, Castillo and Sarrafiore, they put together an elaborate play, but the latter ended it with a soft shot that fell into the goalkeeper’s hands.

The first half didn’t have much more, where O’Higgins was perhaps surprised by what the rival proposed, and despite trying, he couldn’t find the tone to plot dangerous actions.

O’Higgins worked the game, but lacked depth. Furthermore, the horizontal of the visiting porch prevented what could have been the opening of Martín Sarrafiore’s account.


In the second half, O’Higgins looked more active, but without resolution. Between Arnaldo Castillo and Brian Rabello they made the tricolor goalkeeper work, of course, without obvious risk to the goal.

What’s more, the closest opportunity to opening the account came from the visit. Vitamina Sánchez reached out to the bench and put men with speed and dribbling on the field, like Joe Abrigo and Junior Marabel, practically leaving his A team on the field.

After that, Azconzábal reacted, looking for variants, but position by position. The first change was a defender, Moisés González for Simón Contreras, since he had to cover the flank that had opened in that place. In the same minute (61′), Carlos Auzqui made his debut, replacing the youth Joaquín Tapia who also had his debut in this game.

But, Palestino, had a clear unbeatable chance in the 64th minute with a header from Marabel that Peranic returned with a slap.

Later, in the 80th minute, Octavio Bianchi came on for Castillo, plus Buonanotte for Sarrafiore, but despite showing desire, it was not enough.

Until the fatal minute arrived, 90’+3′. The Whites’ number 14, Abrigo, took the ball in their own zone and led a counterattack that was perfectly closed by Brayan Véjar, who put the ball in the back of the net with a cross shot. Tricolor goal and celestial defeat, the first of the season and at home.

Now, O’Higgins must recover by visiting the University of Chile at the National Stadium on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Another high-flying duel against a rival that is showing important variations.

Match sheet

O’Higgins (0): Nicolas Peranic, Simon Contreras (61′, Moses Gonzalez), Leonel Mosevich, Juan Ignacio Diaz, Antonio Diaz, Camilo Moya, Juan Fuentes, Joaquin Tapia (61′, Carlos Auzqui), Martin Sarrafiore (80′, Diego Buonanotte), Bryan Rabello, Arnaldo Castillo (80′, Octavio Bianchi). DT: John Manuel Azconzabal.

Palestinian (0): Cesar Rigamonti, Benjamin Rojas, Antonio Ceza, Cristian Suarez, Dilan Zuñiga, Ariel Martinez (58′, Fernando Cornejo), Felipe Chamorro (58′, Joe Abrigo), Misael Davila, Bryan Carrasco (69′) Gonzalo Sosa (58′, Junior Marabel), Jonathan Benitez (75′, Paul Palace). DT: Paul Sanchez.

Referees: Felipe González, Claudio Urrutia, Aldo Gómez, Mathias Riquelme.

WAS: Juan Lara, Carlos Venegas.

Cautioned: Sarrafiore, Diaz (OHI); Carrasco, Benitez, Rigamonti, Suarez (PAL).

Goals: 0-1, 90’+3′, Vejar.

Estadio: The Lieutenant, Rancagua.

Public: 7,009 spectators.

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