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SERNAC officiates at Gran Arena Monticello to claim Parapan American medalist – 2024-02-27 23:08:49

The media are always important for the circulation of ideas, news and advances of a society, even to shape the laws and legal precepts of a country. The Chilean 19th century was an eyewitness to the creation of an important newspaper for the purposes of legal norms and decrees issued by State bodies. Now, this formation dates back to November 15, 1876 by decree law of Aníbal Pinto (president of the time), however, its circulation was on March 1, 1877, hence my column of the week is titled; “March 1, 1877: The first Official Gazette in Chile circulates.”

First, the official website of the newspaper in question through the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security states the following: “The Official Gazette of the Republic of Chile is the official State institution in charge of publishing the legal regulations that govern the country. Organization with more than one hundred and forty years serving the Homeland that, in compliance with the constitutional mandate and other important legal bodies, publishes laws, decrees and other legal actions emanating from State bodies. Its mission consists of giving substance to the legal certainty that the Rule of Law necessarily requires, which is materialized through the publication of the law and the presumption that every legal body promulgated in the manner prescribed in the Constitution, is assumed known to everyone, without admitting evidence to the contrary, since its publication in the Official Gazette. In the same way, the Official Gazette fulfills the obligation to publish all those actions that, both in the public and private spheres, have relevance in the legal, economic and social life of the country, and that must comply with the advertising requirement that the law requires. The Official Gazette is part of the Undersecretariat of the Interior, in accordance with the provisions of Supreme Decree No. 22, of 2016, of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, which Approves Regulations on the Organization and Operation of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Chile. It should be noted that its current Director is Mr. Felipe Andrés Peroti Díaz, whose professional has the duty of injecting transparency into the respective exercise.

Second, the first edition was published on March 1, 1877, replacing the newspaper El Araucano. Since then, and with few exceptions, the Official Gazette appears every business day from Monday to Saturday. From a historical perspective we must keep in mind that to reach the Official Gazette there has been a journey of previous editions. The normative editions prior to the Official Gazette, which have been responsible for publishing legal bodies, were born in a more systematic way with the Aurora de Chile (1812), and were followed by the first properly official newspaper, called El Monitor Araucano (1813), continuing with other specialized legislative publications such as the Gacetas del Rey (1814) and the Government (1817), the Gaceta de Santiago (1817), the Gaceta Ministerial (1818), the Bulletin of Government Orders and Decrees (1823) and El Araucano ( 1830), to culminate with the Official Gazette (1877), a publication that has remained to this day. Therefore, we could say that since then the Diario has been an “official mirror” of the history experienced on national soil.

Third, in this newspaper the laws and decrees that govern citizens have been printed, significant institutions have been established that are part of the cultural and commercial life of the country and in its beginnings, minutes of Congressional sessions, parliamentary discussions, reports were published. of the war and many other documents of great testimonial value. In the beginning, the publication of the Diario was handed over to the National Printing Press, later it was published by various concessionaires, the La Nación Journalistic Company and by the State itself. Currently, the Official Gazette is part of the Undersecretary of the Interior and is regulated by Supreme Decree No. 22, of 2016, of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security. Perhaps, remembering the history of Chile allows us to examine those public inputs that have saved and recorded our legal memory, one that houses guidelines and directives from the year 1877 when the Official Gazette circulated in the public space.

Benjamín Escobedo (Theologian and History Researcher)
Writer for Latin America (Monte Alto Editorial)PhD in History (San Sebastián University)

Lic. Theology

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