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Serious details … the fact that China made the Coruna virus and spread it to the world

The Chinese authorities denied the rumors that it was they who caused the spread of the Corona epidemic throughout its regions and the world, through one of its research laboratories, according to Chinese newspapers.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology, under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has responded to conspiracy theories and rumors that accuse it of fabricating and leaking the new lethal strain of COVID-19.

The institute issued a statement rejecting these accusations, describing them as “false”, stressing that the conscience of its employees is satisfied.

The statement said: “There have been recent rumors and false fabrications around our laboratory claiming that the virus was artificially designed inside the P4 laboratory that is under the authority of the military, and that it leaked out, and that one of our experts died from the virus or that the other was the first to be infected with the virus, and others One of the rumors that has caused uproar globally and caused great damage to our frontline staff, as well as hamper our primary scientific-technological mission to combat the epidemic. “

The statement pointed out that since the beginning of the virus, the institute has taken the initiative voluntarily to address the scientific and technical aspects of the epidemic prevention.

Simultaneously, the institute began work to detect the source of the virus and the cause and study how to treat the disease and develop a drug and vaccine against it, conducting 4,000 tests of a smear taken from patients suspected of having pneumonia caused by corona.

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