Series farms and castles. Pouilly castle, three centuries of Dijon history

On the eve of the Revolution, the Château de Pouilly estate, gradually enlarged by the Bouhier family, reached 230 hectares. In its center, the castle, built between 1704 and 1707 by Jean IV Bouhier, mortar president of the Parliament of Dijon, has many outbuildings, a stable, a dovecote, a chapel, accommodation for agricultural workers, a pheasantry and a vegetable garden that feeds the family residing in its mansions in the city center. A beautiful avenue of trees leads from the castle to the road to Langres.

The castle passes from hand to hand

Bénigne IV Bouhier emigrated in 1793. His domain, confiscated, was sold in Year IV of the Republic and dismantled. In 1817, the castle with 45 hectares of land was…

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