Serenity for coaches – thumb in the ICE sung by fans – football

He just wanted to take the train in peace …

Former Bundesliga coach Christoph Daum (66) was on the weekend on the ICE when Eintracht Frankfurt fans discovered him and dedicated a song to him: “Christoph Daum is back and he is buying coca in Frankfurt”, they sang loudly.

Background: The ex-Leverkusen coach was shown to have used cocaine in 2000 – one of the biggest scandals in Bundesliga history to this day. An interview with the former Bayern boss Uli Hoeneß (68) started the affair at the time, which cost Daum the national coach position.

Daum showed hardly any reaction even though he was cried at by a dozen fans up close – but the former Bundesliga coach (Cologne, Stuttgart, Leverkusen, Frankfurt) was unable to catch a smile.


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