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Serbia’s Boris Simanic Loses Kidney After Violent Elbow in Garbage Time Against South Sudan

It didn’t seem like much, but the aftermath is violent. During the garbage time against South Sudan, Boris Simanic – Serbia’s strong winger – received an elbow in the lower stomach. Behind ? Kidney removal.

Sacred atmosphere filling.

If the World Cup rhymes with background music, summer colors and tight shots of the prepared supporters, the intensity of its games sometimes causes a good climate. Last Wednesday, in a garbage time without much at stake between Serbia and South Sudan, Boris Simanic received a nudge in the lower stomach. Taken to a Manila hospital after the match, the player underwent surgery overnight. According to media information TelegraphSimanic would have lost ” a lot “ of blood. The days that followed, the player’s state of health worsened, until, on Sunday, forcing the removal of the affected kidney. An extremely rare situation in sport – even at a high level. There was footballer Fabien Lemoine in 2010, who finally made – and still does – a career. Swiss hockey player Simon Le Coultre, victim of the removal of a kidney last January, and who was able to play again… two months later. To be clear, the process of reinstating a player following the removal of a kidney is done on a case-by-case basis. Borisa Simanic’s 2023 World Cup is of course over. His future career is in the hands of who knows who. Pfiou: and to say that when he received his blow, he had only been on the floor for two minutes.

😨🇷🇸 Very bad news: following this blow received against South Sudan, Borisa Simanic would have lost a kidney according to the @telegrafrs !pic.twitter.com/uSUBA35nBG

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