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“Send Beautiful Easter Whatsapp Greetings to Your Loved Ones: Sayings and Videos to Copy”

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Whatsapp Easter Greetings: Beautiful sayings to wish loved ones a happy Easter. (Iconic image) © AntonioGuillem/Imago

If you don’t meet all your friends and relatives over the Easter days, you can make them happy with these WhatsApp messages.

Kassel – If you cannot visit your family and friends at Easter, you can simply use WhatsApp greetings. Thinking up something new and typing into your smartphone is not necessary – we have listed the most beautiful sayings and videos for you.

Those who prefer to send pictures will find what they are looking for on certain social media profiles, such as “Der Fröhliche Wecker” on Facebook or the website giphy.com.

Whatsapp greetings for Easter: the most beautiful sayings to copy

– I wish you a wonderful Easter without any stress! 💕

– Spring is already crouching in the bushes and checking the weather conditions. We greet and we wish you very warmly: Happy Easter!

– Bunny small, went alone, wanted to be with you. Happy Easter!

– When the little Easter bunny comes, nudges you with his nose, stands on his hind feet and tells you Easter greetings.

– Here an Easter egg, lovely and small, happily jumps into your phone! It wishes you, if I tell you, unique Easter days! 🐣💐

– Easter is the time for giving and thinking about each other. No car, no mink, but a heartfelt greeting: Happy Easter!

– I want to congratulate you on a happy Easter. Maybe you can track down a bunny somewhere? Then I put a leaf with a thousand greetings in his basket; it shall bring you that as a celebratory greeting; with his nimble feet!

– What’s that hopping in the green grass? 🏡 It’s the cute Easter Bunny! 🐰 He quickly hides egg after egg 🐣 and there’s one for you too!

– It’s finally here, welcome to the Easter season. The rabbit now brings the eggs and jumps happily through the gardens. We wish you all the best for Easter!

Send Whatsapp videos as Easter greetings

Beautiful Easter greetings can also be sent via video. On the video platform youtube.com, for example, there are longer clips that you can simply send via Whatsapp via the URL. You will find what you are looking for with search terms such as “Easter greetings”. Below we have embedded some videos that can be sent immediately:

Further Whatsapp-News is available on our topic page. You can also find other greetings for Whatsapp messages there – for example New Year Sayings. (tk)

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