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Senators ready to adapt to change | Senators | Sports | The right

Further schedule changes are expected when the Canucks are ready to return to the game, at a date still uncertain. In two weeks, the Senators are expected to play two games in Vancouver on April 22-24, before the Canucks return the favor at the Canadian Tire Center on 26-28. A two-way round-trip, no more and no less. It remains to be seen whether Trent Green’s men will be recovered by then.

“We knew when we started at the start of the year that it would be a season like that, that we had to be ready for anything,” said Senators defenseman Thomas Chabot on Monday after the 4-3 loss. in Winnipeg. At the end of the day, these are things that happen. Right now, the most important thing is not the games that we will have to resume, it is to think of the Canucks players and their families, to hope that everyone is still doing well despite the virus. It’s more important than sport at the moment, we want to play matches, but health is a lot more important. We knew that would happen at some point during the year. We hoped not, but it’s part of life right now, there is a virus everywhere and it can happen to anyone. ”

There are 18 games left in DJ Smith’s men’s season which is slated to end on May 10 with the Maple Leafs visiting (postponed two days), so they’ll continue to have to adjust to last-minute changes.

“I don’t want to disappoint you, but our life is like this all the time. We are told when and where to be during the season, so this is nothing new. Obviously, there are days off that change, practice hours that change and all that. It’s kind of the same, I know it might sound weird, but we’re used to such last minute changes. So you just have to be ready for anything and be professionals, ”said striker Ryan Dzingel.

That’s even truer for players like him who are likely to be traded by next Monday’s NHL trade deadline. Defensemen Mike Reilly, Braydon Coburn and Erik Gudbranson, along with goaltender Anton Forsberg, are all potential unrestricted free agents next summer.

Between the lines

Wednesday’s game will take place at 5 p.m. to allow it to be retransmitted by the local television rights-holding network TSN. The Senators, who were granted leave on their return from Winnipeg on Tuesday, will not be holding morning practice.

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