Selling 1 Gram of Gold Today Can Sell This Much!


Today’s gold price Antam’s 24 carat Precious Metal output, Friday (7/12/2023), did not change from yesterday’s price. Today’s gold price remains at the level of IDR 1,116,000 per gram.

Today’s gold price unit, the smallest 0.5 gram, is currently IDR 608,000. Meanwhile, the price of 10 grams of gold is sold for IDR 10,655,000. Meanwhile, the largest size of gold, namely 1,000 grams (1 kg), is priced at IDR 1,056,600,000.

If drawn in the last week, today’s gold price movements from Antam were observed to move in the range of IDR 1,110,000/gram – IDR 1,145,000/gram. Meanwhile, in the last month the movement was in the range of IDR 1,084,000/gram – IDR 1,145,000/gram.

Meanwhile, today’s gold price for Antam’s gold buyback is also stagnant and has made the current buyback price IDR 1,015,000 per gram. This buyback price means that if you want to sell gold, Antam will buy it at that price.

In accordance with PMK No. 34/PMK 10/2017, purchases of gold bullion will be subject to PPh 22 of 0.9%. This means that if you want to get a lower tax deduction, of 0.45%, you must include your NPWP number for the transaction.

Details of today’s gold prices from Antam 1 gram to 1000 grams

0.5 gram gold bar IDR 608,000
1 gram gold bar IDR 1,116,000
2 gram gold bar IDR 2,172,000
3 gram gold bar IDR 3,233,000
5 gram gold bar IDR 5,355,000
10 gram gold bar IDR 10,655,000
25 gram gold bar IDR 26,512,000
50 gram gold bar IDR 52,945,000
100 gram gold bar IDR 105,812,000
250 gram gold bar IDR 264,265,000
500 gram gold bar IDR 528,320,000
1000 gram gold bar IDR 1,056,600,000

Those are the details today’s gold price Antam output 1 gram to 1000 grams, Friday 8 December 2023.


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