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See your ex’s Instagram stories, without them noticing

Instagram in one of the most used social networks today, and in stories, users are publishing every moment of their life. Through this functionality, you can keep up to date with where your friends and acquaintances are, and your favorite artists. However, your ex may also be uploading content, and there is a way to see it, without them knowing it.


See your ex’s Instagram stories, without them noticing

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To avoid problems, there is an option, through web pages that were designed exclusively to see stories of profiles that are in public mode, and so your ex, when you see what he publishes in his stories of Instagram, will not realize that you could see them.

How to see the stories without leaving a trace?

  • The first thing is to enter one of these pages: O
  • You must write the name of the user you want to see their stories.
  • The stories of your ex, friend, or celebrity, must be in public mode.
  • In case they are in private, they cannot be viewed.
  • When the respective check has been done, you will simply be able to see all the photos that they posted on their Instagram stories.
  • If you like you can also download them.
  • That way you will not leave any trace that you accessed its content.

Tips to enhance your profile

The first thing you should do is make sure that you are using the correct hashtags or tags. Although they seem irrelevant, they are vital to attract an audience if they are used in the right way, that is, they must be relevant. You can also combine your brand with hashtags that are trending at any given time to attract the attention of various users.

In addition to that, you should have as your main objective in Instagram publicize your product, but this can only be achieved if you share content that really catches the attention of the thousands of users who use the social network. For example, instead of uploading a post with one product or suggestion, upload it with two and ask your followers which one they prefer.

With this technique, the public will feel that they are part of the decisions of your company and the number of comments will increase.

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