See how close LG’s Rollable phone is to reality!

LG rollable

Before LG exited the mobile phone market, they had demonstrated the Rollable The prototype of the scroll phone. However, as the company changed its strategy, this “Explorer program“The second job sadly was stillborn. But I think a lot of people are curious, how close is LG to making it? A few days ago, South Korean YouTuber Jeoljit Research Institute The practical video released reveals the answer to all. As you can see, when you perform the corresponding swipe gesture on the screen, the device expands or contracts quickly and smoothly. During this process, the displayed content is automatically resized. To show the strength of the motor in the coil, 뻘짓 연구소 also put three books of a certain thickness on the side of the phone, you can see that the device can push it easily when it is deformed.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the eye-catching retractable main screen on the front, the Rollable also has a relatively thin secondary screen on the back, which can be used to display icons such as calendar, camera and music. If you activate the camera on the secondary screen, you can take selfies with the primary camera directly on that side. As for the specifications of the device, the processor is Snapdragon 888, the RAM goes up to 12GB and there is 256GB of storage, which is basically the level of the flagship of the same period. But still, LG’s phone business is over. If you actually want to buy a scrolling phone, you might just have to wait for someone who has also demonstrated a prototype. OppoTCL .

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