Secret Meeting: King Carl Gustaf, Princess Madeleine, and Chris O’Neill Discuss Future in Sweden

Secret Meeting: King Carl Gustaf, Princess Madeleine, and Chris O’Neill Discuss Future in Sweden

Last weekend, royalty and heads of state from Scandinavia gathered to celebrate King Carl Gustaf’s 50 years on the Swedish throne.

Among the guests were our own royals, Harald (86), Sonja 86), and Haakon (50).

Fires up during the romance rumours

It is nevertheless the Swedish king’s daughter and son-in-law, Princess Madeleine (41) and Chris O’Neill, who have made headlines around the anniversary.

The couple did not stay in their home country longer than necessary, and went back to Florida as soon as they could.

Now writing Swedish Women’s Magazine that Madeleine and O’Neill met Carl Gustaf in secret during their visit to their home country, to discuss their future in Sweden.

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Because in March came the happy news that the Swedish princess, her husband, and their three children will be moving back home to Sweden.

The move was supposed to take place during the autumn of this year, but it will not be like that. The plans were abruptly postponed.

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– It will be postponed until 2024, that’s all I have to say, said the court’s communications manager, Margareta Thorgren, to Expressen at the time.

Svensk Damtidning writes that Carl Gustaf’s blue BMW stood outside Madeleine’s apartment in Hovstallet for a long time, which they believe proves that they had a lot to discuss.

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For the news site’s editor-in-chief, Johan T. Lindwall, has previously said that it was precisely O’Neill who pulled the emergency brake on the move.

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– I have a very hard time seeing how Chris will acclimatise in Sweden and Stockholm. He used to complain about the attention he as a person created when he was in public.

Lindwall says that being able to remain anonymous is important to O’Neill, which can be difficult in Sweden.

– When Madeleine and Chris first moved to the USA, it was to have a much more anonymous life than at home in Stockholm. Both found it difficult that they were stared at with wide eyes every time they were out. In Florida, they let it go, says the editor-in-chief.

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