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scores, stats, perfs, coffee (no), and a funny hierarchy in place in the East, spoiler it will not last

This is the special gift 2020-21, every morning you can enjoy the recap of the past night, for those who could not get up, for those who would be lazy to read the recaps, or simply for those who like to get to the point. Tonight ? Funny scenarios, a lot of stars at rest, and a weird hierarchy in the East. Because on December 28, 2020, the Cavs, the Hawks, the Pacers and the Magic are at the top of their conference. Is that so.

– Meetings of the night

  • Clippers – Mavericks : 73-124 (les notes du « match »)
  • Hornets – Nets : 106-104
  • Wizards – Magic : 113-120
  • Pelicans – Spurs : 98-95
  • Cavs – Sixers : 118-94
  • Knicks – Bucks : 130-110
  • Pacers – Celtics : 108-107
  • Bulls – Warriors : 128-129
  • Kings – Suns : 100-116
  • Lakers – Wolves : 127-91

– What to remember

  • The Mavericks released a huge mixtape on both Clippers’ buttocks
  • The Clippers who therefore maintain their franchise status of the lose
  • Terry Rozier and especially Gordon Hayward reminded the Nets that nothing would be easy this season
  • Besides, Terry Rozier posterized KD
  • Russell Westbrook n’a pas joué (back-to-back)
  • The Magic are at 3-0, thanks in large part to Markelle Fultz
  • The Cavs are 3-0, without LeBron James
  • The Knicks stuck 20 to the Bucks, and Frank Ntilikina is the new Stephen Curry
  • Marquese Chriss is out all season.
  • The Pacers are 3-0
  • Stephen Curry and especially Damion Lee saved the Warriors night against the Bulls
  • Kelly Oubre Jr. is 0/17 out of the parking lot since the start of the season
  • Anthony Davis didn’t play, Lakers blew Wolves, Anthony Edwards was drunk and Karl-Anthony Towns is injured

– Le top pick en TTFL : Julius Randle

– The Top 10 of the night: click HERE

– Classification

– Tonight’s program

  • 1h30 : Hawks – Pistons
  • 1h30 : Nets – Grizzlies
  • 2h : Thunder – Jazz
  • 3h : Nuggets – Rockets
  • 4h : Lakers – Blazers

It was long and it was intense, so we started off again after a dull Christmas. The following ? It is this evening with, hopefully, as much suspense and reasons to smile. It was necessary that, because here it pulls but the passion makes us stand up.

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