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The Asturian PP is, at least theoretically, in the best conditions to face a new stage, an internal remodeling to arrive more or less united to the next elections. To achieve this, it would do so after many years of constant crisis, even ruptures, with the appearance of new formations that prevented the organization from exercising power in the autonomous community.

Once Mercedes Fernández is removed from the regional leadership of the PP and Teresa Mallada has overcome the judicial obstacles derived from the construction of the Montepío de la Mining nursing home, it can be assumed that this, the former president of Hunosa, will be the new head of the party in Asturias. It has the full support of Pablo Casado and Teodoro García Egea. What is not understood is because they have taken so long, more than a year, to approve the operation. Especially for the bad image offered throughout this time: that of a headless game.

But this means (the imminent appointment of Mallada), that the Asturian PP is now a raft of oil, that everything will go smoothly to try to reach the next elections in a privileged position. Well no: tranquility is not in the DNA of popular Asturians. His is more a question of tensions, of uncertainties.

What is at stake now, having already clarified that of the Party Presidency, is how power is distributed among the various sectors of the organization and how that will influence, for example, the preparation of electoral candidacies. For example, will Alfredo Canteli continue to be a candidate for Mayor of Oviedo in three years? Of course, for this the opinion of the President will count, but also that of the regional secretary and that of the rest of the regional executive. And so, at random, do they think the same about Canteli Agustín Iglesias Caunedo (head of the PP from Oviedo) and Mario Arias (second deputy mayor)? Well, no. And the current mayor of Oviedo, will he be pulling strings to reinforce himself within the tangled popular world? Something is doing, yes. And to certain leaders of the party it does not seem good, but that nothing good.

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