Schubert unveils scenes of Zamalek’s attempts to bind the foreign duo with “health” … and the clemency of the Volleyball Federation

Ahmed Schubert, the media officer of Ontime Sports channels, revealed new scenes of the Zamalek club management’s attempts to include the foreign couple on the basketball and volleyball team list.

Schubert said during his speech on Radio On Sport: “In the case of his blood is beautiful and delicious, the white honey and his sweetness is increased. Zamalek brings two foreigners, the American To Holloway, the basketball player, and the Spaniard Andres Villina, the professional of the volleyball team “.

He added: “Zamalek brought the basketball player half a million dollars … in the Basketball Association dues to enroll the local player, 5% of the player who came from outside followed the International Federation, 7% and 14 % in added value and 2% development fees. When Zamalek registers the player, the Basketball Association said, “Pay this,” he said, “I won’t sign.” He said, “I mean, I won’t register.” He said, “I’m sorry about taxes like this.” He said, “I won’t sign.”

He continued: “The same goes for the Volleyball Association. The Volleyball Association is a people of taste, a taste of frankness, I mean, he told them, I won’t register, they said, I won’t join, but I will. do a check, ie completely, so I don’t register and do a check like this and when it’s easy “.

He continued: “People who know the basket are respectful. They want to play. You pay. You pay half a million dollars into the player. Zamalek has a reservation on only one of ten accounts in ten banks, and this account is the minimum amount of money.” .

Schubert concluded his speech: “Zamalek said:” We will stop sporting activity. You are free, normal, so there is no problem. 1 + 1 = 2 years. Won’t they be three or their age will remain one, not in the system? Let’s all talk about the system … You paid half a million dollars into the player. Let them do it. “550,000. What’s the matter? It’s normal. I mean, the union has 7%, but the rest is state law What’s the story, guys?

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