Schubert: Dressing room is the secret of the retreat of Pyramids … Ramadan Sobhi is a name, but there is no verb

Media journalist Ahmed Schubert believes that the dress-room problems are the reason for the decline in the results of the Pyramids team this season and its loss of 18 points out of 33 points in the league championship, and Schubert said in his radio program on On Sport FM, “I want to make a big match against Pyramids. Helmy Tolan is a very respectful and reasonable coach.” And Razeen and Aref are doing what, but Pyramids do not know what they want for the time being. “

And Schubert adds: “Sherif Ikrami does not ask about the three goals for Enppi, but Leah Atab why Rami Sabri has fired penalties in the Panenka manner in all matches, and therefore Sherif needed to stay aware of this, but he took 3 steps forward and left you thinking at the last moment and that is why he was upset. He didn’t do anything, and the penalty kick went in. “

Schubert continued, “The problem of Pyramids is in the confusion, when they came to the Al-Ahly woman, they said we want to move the dress code and add experiences to it and then Ramadan Sobhi said I went to the pyramids because of the ambition, yesterday I asked about the experiences I found Abdullah Al-Saeed and Ahmed Fathi injured and I found Ramadan Sobhi on the bench, so I told the reporter,” Look. Why would he not play? Why did he tell him? The coach’s origin is comfortable for him because he is tired, and what we knew was that Ramadan was upset because he wanted to play because we were competing for the league’s top scorer.

And Schubert added: “Ramadan played yesterday, 30 minutes, and you do not feel that it is only a name, but there is no action, his brain is not with him, I stop in front of Zamalek and Malabesh, and in front of Al-Ahly, there is no need, and he has reached five easy goals that do not have a difficult goal, Ramadan Sobhi plays in his name only but does not produce in the stadium. What fits the name Ramadan Sobhi. “

Schubert continued: “18 points lost by Pyramids out of 33 points in the league, which confirms that there is something wrong with this club, and I expect many changes in the technical and administrative side during the coming hours in Pyramids.”

Pyramids lost 3-1 to Enppi in the match that was held between them at Petrosport Stadium in the Fifth Settlement, in the eleventh week of the Premier League competition.

Mahmoud Wady, the Pyramids striker, took the lead in the 6th minute with the goal of Mahmoud Gad, the goalkeeper of the team, while Rami Sabri, the defender of the petroleum team, tied in the 42nd minute, while the striker Oboka scored the lead for Enppi in the 43rd minute, and the player also strengthened the third goal after the start of the second half in the 48th minute, while Uruguayan reduced Diego Roland, the Pyramids striker, has a goal difference in the 63rd minute.



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