School, Azzolina at La Stampa: “Lessons in B&B, no one is scandalized” | Then the denial: “I never said that”

“Going to class in a Bed & Breakfast? There is no scandal, new solutions must be found”, reported the newspaper, attributing the words to the minister. “When you have to bring 8 million students back, guaranteeing the spacing, it is clear that there is a need to adapt the spaces. I am working tirelessly on staffing and new entries, this issue of the lack of classrooms is neither new nor should we scandalize the fact that alternative solutions are being studied, such as Bed & Breakfasts. I have always said from the first moment we faced the Covid emergency that there would be a problem of space “.

Words that, however, have been denied by Azzolina. “As I have been repeating for weeks at the regional tables I attended – reads a note from the ministry -, the local authorities, which are the owners of the schools, work together with our regional offices to identify new spaces in view of September. resources have just been allocated with the August decree. Of course we need rooms suitable for teaching and respecting safety criteria “.

In the sights for the latest gaffe on social media Meanwhile, a tweet from the minister did not go unnoticed on social media with an error that surely would have cost her a rejection in Italian. The message was in comment on what happened in an Apulian school. “The IC Virgilio – Salandra di Troia (FG) suffered an infringement by thieves who caused damage, fortunately small but still worthy of condemnation. I heard the DS Maria Michela Ciampi, at work for the restart , to renew the proximity of the Ministry “. All good in content. Less in the form: instead of “infraction”, in fact, Azzolina should have used “forced entry” to describe the action of the thieves.

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