Schönberg: Flu-related school closure – Stubai-Wipptal

SCHÖNBERG. At the elementary school in Schönberg, a third of the children suffer from influenza.

Exactly 20 of the 58 children are affected – the school will therefore be closed as a precautionary measure in consultation with the Directorate of Education starting tomorrow, Wednesday, until the weekend. The affected parents are informed about this measure.

Flu prevention tips

Vaccination against influenza is still recommended by the State Medical Directorate. “Children are less likely to be vaccinated against influenza, which is why the viruses can spread more quickly in schools and subsequently also lead to infection of non-vaccinated people within the family. For the best possible protection, flu vaccination should therefore be carried out, ”emphasizes the vaccination expert from the state Anita Luckner-Hornischer.

Hand hygiene & Co.

Appropriate hand hygiene and a cough-sneezing mustache label can also be used to prevent infection. “You should cough or sneeze in the elbow and turn away from other people. The hands should be washed several times a day with soap under running water for at least 20 seconds, because the viruses are also transmitted through the palms of the hands, ”says Luckner-Hornischer. Anyone suffering from influenza should stay at home and recover.

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