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Schalke footballer declared dead in 2016 appears alive in factory

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Germany / 05.04.2020 21:06:38


Unusual history in Germany, where this Monday Hiannick Kamba, an African footballer who was declared dead in 2016, was found in the Congo for a car accident while playing professionally with the FC Schalke 04 of the Bundesliga.

History goes back to January 9, 2016, when he was in his native country and got involved in a vehicle crash that allegedly cost him his life, but the German newspaper Bild revealed on Monday that the former player was found working in a factory in the southern part of Germany.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Anette Milk, told the aforementioned media that Kamba already made a statement and in it he argued that it was “abandoned by friends during the night of January 2016 and they left him without documents, money and phone”.


Behind the fake death of Hiannick Kamba he points to his ex girlfriend for having acted in complicity with the player to collect a million euro life insuranceAlthough the accused denies the statements, added the prosecutor, who reaffirmed that the investigation is ongoing.

In addition to wearing the Schalke, Where he started in the inferiors, the Congolese Kamba also went through several clubs of the German ascent like Zweckel, Borken, Recklinghausen, Hüls, Vestia Disteln and Hassel.

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