Saving Lives Over Limbs: Komarovsky’s Controversial Statement and Public Support

What Komarovsky said

The Honored Pediatrician of Ukraine said that people who “voluntarily” took responsibility for the fate of people, having come to power, must save their lives even at the cost of “amputation of limbs.” Komarovsky used this term to describe the territories occupied by the Russians.

“What is the main thing in Ukraine? Ukrainians or “square meters”? Let’s decide what our goal is? Do we save life or save limbs? If the main thing for us is limbs, let’s mobilize everything that moves. Our people are deeply secondary,” he said Komarovsky.

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities should think first of all about preserving people’s lives.

Also in the interview, Komarovsky said that there is no split in society amid the topic of alleged enmity between Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny.

In the comments on YouTube, many supported the doctor.

In all honesty, 100% passable. Doctor, your words give me goosebumps! As you said correctly. May God grant Ukraine a wise and fair government that cares about its citizens. Very wise opinion! I support you very much! I am very proud that you are also a Kharkov resident! Yuck! For our Ukraine, for your thoughts, for your help!

2023-12-04 07:33:17

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