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Saudi Al-Ahly Club Faces Obstacles in Loaning Players to Turkish Club Trabzonspor

Some press news in recent days indicated and confirmed that the Saudi Al-Ahly club was going to loan its Macedonian left-back player, Ezcan Alioski, to the Turkish club Trabzonspor, in an attempt by Al-Raqi to solve the problem of the list of foreigners.

However, due to some emergency, Al-Ahly was unable to loan him out, as the transfer window in the Turkish League closed at midnight last Friday, as the team turned to some other players. Thus, the player’s contract expires next summer, and the player moves away from the local team’s list at the present time due to his possession. 8 players on the local roster.

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However, Al-Ahly was able to loan its Brazilian striker, Marco Amaral, to Fatih Karagümruk club until the end of the season, and thus Al-Raqi now has 9 foreign players, namely (Riyad Mahrez, Gabri Vega, Edouard Mendy, Roberto Firmino, Saint-Maximan, Franck Kessieh, Ibanez, Alioski, Franck Kessieh). , Demiral).

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