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Sarah McLachlan Delivers Insight on New Album and Tour Plans

The Halifax-born singer-songwriter has already broken boundaries with her tour Lilith Fair by empowering a generation of female voices.

While preparing her first album of original material in ten years, she engages in expressing her views on social and political issues.

“I’ve always considered myself apolitical, but I’m not sure any of us have that luxury now,” she told The Canadian Press in a phone interview from her home in Vancouver.

“I just want to be thoughtful in what I say. I want to let the music speak for me,” she explained.

Sarah McLachlan is still figuring out exactly what that means to her. She is currently in the studio with producer Tony Berg, known for his work on the album Boygeniusto record his comments.

The artist will also embark on a North American tour next month which will mark the 30th anniversary of Fumbling towards Ecstasy performing the entire album. Shows begin in Vancouver on May 23rd with additional Canadian dates in Toronto on June 19th, Laval on June 20th, and at the Roots and Blues Festival in Salmon Arms, British Columbia on July 28th.

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“There’s a lot of nostalgia around me and probably a lot of people. I think it’s my favorite album. That was definitely the easiest album I’ve ever done. There was a lot of joy and happiness,” the singer said during the interview.

“I think every song has a special meaning. It will be a lot of fun to play it all and something I’ve never done before,” she said.

Regarding her new album, Sarah McLachlan says that she had written enough material to go to the studio and see what happens.

“I met him (producer Tony Berg) and we connected immediately (…) He’s like my older brother. As soon as I finish this call, I’ll be heading to the airport and back to Los Angeles. I still have 10 days to go in the studio. It’s so much fun to explore,” said the singer.

And what are his writings about?

“Oh, the end of the world. Funny things. Or just a joke. Am I kidding?”

The singer and songwriter says she reflects on parenthood, being a woman in this day and age, and that “society is falling apart. “

“These are the questions I ask myself. I don’t have solid answers yet, but the music will speak to him eventually,” she concluded.

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