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Sanna had to stop the race – Now reveals what happened – 2024-02-25 12:16:47

Sanna Peltomäki, 23, is now participating again, hopefully with better luck.

Helsinki Sanna Peltomäki23, has been seen in The Voice of Finland before too. Then the game ended in the middle of everything for reasons beyond Sanna’s control.

In the 11th production season, seen in 2022, Sanna made it to the next round in the Ääni sässene stage. The musician student was living his dream until it all ended unexpectedly. Now Sanna tells what happened: a pretty common story at that time.

– I was involved in Voice two years ago Anna Puun in the team. But then unfortunately I had to stop because of the corona virus, Sanna recalls on TV.

The situation was not easy, everything else.

– It was a pretty tough place for me. I remember when the phone flew onto the bed. But I’ve recovered from that and I’m here again!

Out of this group, only Maija Vilkkumaa (2nd right) was involved in the 11th production season of Voice. Henri Kärkkäinen

Now Sanna wants to turn the chairs of the star coaches again and take back the damage.

– Hopefully we will continue from the same point where we left off last time, Sanna says with confidence in the episode that can already be found on Ruudu.

– Returning to Voice feels really cool. I have been given another chance, he continues to thank.

This time, Sanna Peltomäki performs Apulanna’s Waiting as her competition song. Saku Tiainen, Nelonen

There is still another side to the coin, which Sanna does not hide.

– It’s exciting at the same time. I’ve already turned those chairs once. What if it doesn’t happen this time?

A couple of years ago, Sanna Peltomäki was seen in Voice looking like this. Saku Tiainen, Nelonen

The fear turns out to be unfounded. When the performance is finished with honor, the emotional turmoil erupts on stage as tears. Sanna is moved Maija Vilkumaan during the speech. The star coach says things related to excitement and fear of performing so well. Sanna can only wipe the tears flowing down her cheeks again and blow – and then choose whose team she wants to join this time. Again, there is a choice.

In the 11th season, Anna Puu was finally on the move with such a team. Saku Tiainen, Nelonen

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