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San Mateo Woman Abducted in Mexico Released After Eight Months in Captivity

San‌ Francisco ⁢Woman ‍Abducted in ⁣Mexico ⁢Released After Eight‌ Months in ⁤Captivity

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) ‍– ⁣Monica De ⁤Leon Barba,‌ a San Mateo⁢ woman who ‌was⁣ abducted in ​Mexico ⁤and held ⁣captive for ⁣eight‍ months, ⁢has finally been released. ‍The ⁢news ⁢brings ⁣relief⁤ to her ⁤friends ⁣and family who have been tirelessly advocating⁤ for ⁢her​ return.

Surveillance video⁣ captured the moment ‌De ‍Leon ⁢Barba ⁢was kidnapped on November⁣ 29, 2022, in‍ Tepatitlán, Jalisco, ⁣Mexico, as⁢ she ⁣was walking‍ home‌ from work​ with ⁤her dog.⁢ The ​video showed her being confronted and ‍forced ‍into a‌ vehicle ​while​ her ‍dog managed⁤ to ‍escape.

Anissa ‍Livas, a friend of ⁣De⁤ Leon Barba, ‍expressed her happiness at the news, ⁣saying, “Waking up tomorrow, ​I⁣ think ​we can​ all ‍breathe‍ a little bit ‌easier, and ​it’s a much happier⁣ day because⁢ of it.”⁢ Livas had‌ been leading the ⁣charge ⁤to ‌bring ‍her‌ friend home,⁤ pressuring local officials and ⁢even⁢ reaching out to⁢ President Biden⁢ for assistance.

In March, the ​FBI‍ announced​ a $40,000⁤ reward ​for ‍information​ about⁤ De⁢ Leon ‍Barba’s disappearance ⁤and​ released‌ video footage of‌ the kidnapping. ‌The ​video showed ‌her‌ walking her ⁢dog just ⁣blocks‌ away from her home near Guadalajara‌ before ‌being⁤ abducted.

On⁤ Saturday,‌ the⁢ FBI ⁤announced ‍that ⁤De ⁣Leon ‌Barba⁤ had been⁣ released‌ by ⁢her‍ captors on ‍Friday‍ night. ‌In a statement, ⁤the ​FBI ⁢said,⁤ “The ​FBI ​is⁢ pleased to ⁣announce that​ Monica De Leon ‍Barba is⁣ safe⁤ and​ en⁤ route to‌ the⁣ United States ‍where ⁢she‍ will ⁤be‍ reunited​ with her ‍family⁣ and⁣ dog⁢ after eight ‌months in⁤ captivity. No ⁣arrests ‍have ⁢been⁤ made, ⁤and ​an ⁣investigation into ‍the‍ identities⁣ of her ‍captors ⁤is ⁢ongoing.”

De Leon ‍Barba’s ‌brother, Gustavo, shared ‍a photo⁢ on Saturday ⁢of him and⁢ his sister ⁣on​ a plane,⁣ expressing his ‍gratitude⁤ to everyone who⁤ supported their family⁢ throughout the‌ ordeal.⁤ He⁤ wrote, “For the first⁤ time ‍in a‌ very​ long⁢ time,​ we have​ good news! ⁤I need⁣ to thank ‌every single‌ person⁣ that‍ helped my ​family‍ and I through this entire ‌ordeal. We can all ​finally close this ‌chapter in our ​lives‍ and work⁣ on the ⁢long road⁣ of ‍healing we‌ have ​ahead.”

While the ⁤family​ is not‌ ready to ⁢speak ⁣publicly,‌ De Leon Barba’s⁣ friends⁣ have​ been⁤ given‌ permission⁤ to ​share their‌ joy. Valerie Sherwood, a⁤ friend‌ of De Leon Barba,⁣ described the​ past eight ⁤months⁢ as⁤ “crazy” ‌and “exhausting,” expressing‌ her relief that ‌Monica is ​finally⁤ safe.

As⁢ authorities​ continue⁤ to search for the suspects,⁢ no⁢ arrests ​have been made. ‌The⁤ community‍ remains hopeful‍ that justice will be served, ​but ​for ⁣now, they‍ are ​focused ⁤on⁣ supporting ⁣De Leon ‍Barba as she⁢ begins​ her journey‍ of healing.

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What ​measures⁤ are being ‍taken ⁤by‍ the​ US State⁣ Department ‌and Mexican authorities⁤ to⁣ improve security and combat kidnappings in ⁢countries like ‍Mexico

Or⁤ assistance. Livas⁢ organized ‌rallies,⁤ shared ⁣De​ Leon Barba’s story ⁢on ⁤social⁣ media, and⁤ never gave ⁣up ⁣hope.

The details of De Leon Barba’s ⁢release⁢ remain ⁣unclear, ⁢but her ​family ⁣received ‍a ⁢ransom demand shortly‍ after‌ her abduction. It is ​unknown if the ransom ⁢was ​paid or​ if‍ there were ⁢any ​negotiations with ​the⁢ captors. ‌The Mexican ‍authorities ⁣have not released any information regarding the ‌circumstances⁤ of⁤ her ‌release.

De Leon Barba’s family and friends are overwhelmed ⁤with‌ joy‌ and ⁢relief that‍ she ‍is ​finally​ safe.⁤ The‌ eight​ months of ​uncertainty‍ and fear have‍ taken⁣ a ‌toll ⁤on everyone involved, ⁢but their unwavering⁤ support and determination ultimately led ⁤to ⁣her ⁣freedom.

The US State Department⁣ has been ‌monitoring the situation ‍and working ⁣closely with Mexican⁢ authorities throughout De ‍Leon Barba’s⁢ captivity. It​ is⁣ an ⁤unfortunate ⁤reality ⁣that⁣ kidnappings ⁣and ‍abductions occur in‌ countries ‍like ​Mexico, but⁢ efforts are ‌being ⁢made⁣ to‌ improve security and ⁣combat‍ these​ crimes.

While ⁤De Leon⁢ Barba’s release brings hope ​to those⁤ who ​are ⁤still ‌held​ captive, it also ‍serves⁢ as a​ reminder ⁢of the danger that exists in⁢ certain‌ parts of the⁤ world. Travelers​ are urged ⁤to ⁣exercise caution and ⁣remain ⁢vigilant,⁢ especially‍ when visiting areas ‌known‌ for high crime ⁣rates.

As for De‌ Leon ​Barba, she ​will ⁢now begin the⁣ process⁢ of healing and⁣ recovery. The trauma of her experience is ‌undoubtedly⁣ significant, ​but ⁢with the ⁤support⁢ of ‍her​ loved ​ones, she‍ will​ hopefully be ⁣able ⁢to ‌rebuild ‌her ⁣life. This harrowing ⁢ordeal ​has ⁢shown⁢ the strength and resilience⁢ of the human ⁢spirit ⁢and⁣ serves as‍ a‌ reminder to cherish⁤ our freedom ⁣and ‍safety.

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  1. This is such a heart-wrenching story. I’m relieved to hear that she has been released, but can’t imagine the trauma she must have endured during those long eight months. May she find strength and support to heal from this unimaginable ordeal.


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