Samsung would release its second folding before the Galaxy S11

The folding and clam-type phones are starting to add popularity, and that is why Samsung would be taking advantage of capitalizing on the enthusiasm for the Galaxy Fold, with the launch of a new family of the series that doubles.

According to information from the Korean site Yonhap News, industry sources estimate that the Fold 2 will be presented in February 2020, even before the company’s flagship, the Galaxy S11.

The Asian media says that “the South Korean technology giant is currently in talks with the three mobile operators in the country to launch its second folding smartphone at home, with the aim of launching it in February, according to sources.”

It is therefore expected that the Unpacked event will be held the second month of 2020 in some city in the United States.

One of the features that would have this Fold 2 is that its size would be smaller than the current folding, would go from 7.3 inches now, to 6.7 inches of screen. Also the phone would be absolutely square when folded.

Another variation and that indicates that it would be more popular, is the price. According to market analysts, this second folding of the South Korean company should be within the framework of $ 1,000 dollars, other than the $ 2,000 dollars that Fold currently costs.

There is no clarity for now regarding the name this new cell phone would have. Some have opted for Fold 2, but it is possible that due to its characteristics that make it lighter and smaller, it may have another denomination.

Samsung admitted that it expects to sell around six million annual units of folding phones by 2020 and thus compete with other companies such as Nokia, Motorola, LG and Huawei that are also venturing into this market.

For now, we would have to wait for some confirmation light to know if in February and before the Mobile World Congress From Barcelona we will have a new folding in the industry.

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