Salmafina Sunan Vacation with Girlfriend, Sunan Kalijaga Santai – Sunan Kalijaga do not care about the child, Salmafina Sunan, who went on vacation together with his girlfriend, Tony Carnevale, to Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara.

He reasoned that he already knew the details of the lovebirds trip.

“I already know. He already came home,” said Sunan Kalijaga at Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta, Sunday (28/3/2020).

Long before spending time alone with a lover, Presented by Salmafina it turned out that he invited himself first. However, because he was filled with a lot of activities, he could not participate.

Sunan Kalijaga with his wife, Heidy and daughter, Salmafina Khairunnisa alias Salmafina Sunan. [Instagram]

“He even invited us, invited my wife and me. Only at that time I had work so I couldn’t go there on vacation to Labuan Bajo,” he said.

Until finally Salamfina and Tony Carnevale left alone without family.

“Why were we invited to do this. It means that he was not hiding. He invited me, my wife, his younger sibling to do that,” said Sunan Kalijaga.

Not long ago, Salmafina and her lover, Tony Carnevale, spent time together in East Nusa Tenggara. He captured the moment on his Instagram account.

While on vacation he also uploaded a photo of himself wearing a bikini while posing on the beach. As a result, the upload was blasphemed by netizens because it was considered too sexy.

Previously, Taqy Malik’s ex-wife also emphasized that she had worn clothes according to their place.

“Before the strange comments, I just want to tell you this is on the beach, not a mountain. So, wear a swimming suit, not a jacket,” wrote Salmafina Sunan on Instagram recently.

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He also emphasized, “Yes, on the beach wearing closed clothes.”

Even though it has been explained, there are still netizens who spark negative comments. Furthermore, the celebgram was said to have no shame.

“Shame has been cut off,” wrote @hamizahhamizah’s account.

Interestingly, Salmafina Sunan actually gave an odd answer to this sneer.

“There is still ma’am (embarrassment). If I have a problem with my veins, I usually take it to Haji Naim (for) a massage. Recommendations,” he replied.

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