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Safuwan Attacked by Indonesian Netizens After Sindir Sorry Asnawi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Defender uploads Singapore national team Safuwan Baharudin Indonesian netizens attacked after insinuating an apology Asnawi Mangkualam to Faris Ramli.

Seeing Asnawi apologizing to Faris via Instagram, Safuwan made an upload that was almost the same as the Ansan Greeners player.

The same writing as Asnawi’s was included by the 30-year-old player in uploading a photo when he was red carded in the semifinal of the second leg of the 2020 AFF Cup, December 2021.

“Anyone remember this moment?” wrote Safuwan.

“Sorry this incident is not good to imitate, but this is just spontaneity, and just to say thank you to the referee,” said Safuwan added.

Safuwan’s upload received a response from a number of other Singaporean players, such as defenders Irfan Fani and Faris Ramli. Irfan thanked him, while Faris gave a number of emojis, one of which was applause.


Some of the other comments in Safuwan’s upload came from Indonesian netizens. Some netizens think that Safuwan is still hurt by Singapore’s 2-4 defeat to Indonesia, which made them fail to reach the 2020 AFF Cup final.

“I’m entertaining myself because I lost,” said Dimas Agustian.

Not only is it considered hurtful, netizens also say that Safuwan Baharudin rides the fame of Asnawi Mangkualam.

“Pansos [panjat sosial] same Asnawi. Ha ha ha. Who told you to play along,” said @adisntss.

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Until this news was made, there were more than 6,300 comments adorning Safuwan Baharudin’s upload, with more than 11,200 likes.

In the semifinal of the second leg of the 2020 AFF Cup, Safuwan was sent off by the referee with a red card after receiving a second yellow card for being considered unsportsmanlike to Rizky Ridho in the 45+3 minute.

Safuwan’s post which satirized Asnawi also contradicted the reality on the ground. The reason is, after being sent off, Safuwan was angry by pointing and getting angry at referee Qasim Matar Ali Al Hatmi.

It doesn’t stop with referee Al Hatmi. As he walked off the field, Safuwan was seen cursing the game equipment.

In addition to making uploads on Instagram, Safuwan also uploads to InstaStory while linking Asnawi’s account.

“Say thanks to Faris, what a joke brother,” wrote Safuwan.

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