Sad retirement announcement by Andrea Ranocchia


Former defender Inter Milan, Andrea Ranocchia, he announced, hanging up his boots. The 34-year-old also spoke on social media in a very touching way.

Ranocchia has published two long videos on social media to explain his choice and live his career as a footballer. Ranocchia has chosen to retire after agreeing to terminate the contract with Monza signed in the summer of this year.

Ranocchia only appeared once together Monza this season after leaving Inter. However, his debut went badly because he was only able to appear for 48 minutes due to a severe fibula injury.


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Injuries are not the only reason why Ranocchia retired as a footballer. He just realized that his passion for football was dead.

“In May of last year, when I was at Inter, I felt that something was wrong but I didn’t understand what it was,” said Ranocchia.

“I was lucky enough to find Monza that gave me the opportunity and a strong confidence, offered me an excellent contract and the opportunity to get back into the game and understand what happened to me.”

“Unfortunately at the beginning of the season the feeling has not improved and going forward it seems that the switch is off, the passion is gone. At the beginning I didn’t want to accept it because football has been a passion for 30 years. But I can’t manage to find it “.

Then there is the serious injury of Napoli that will keep me out for months: without the passion and determination necessary to return, I think it is right not to fool anyone, starting with myself.

“I have nothing more to give at this point. Now I am taking the time to organize all my emotions and thoughts for the future. I really don’t think I’ll go back to playing football, it’s not what I want.”

Ranocchia began his professional career with Arezzo playing in Serie B 2006/2007. He then moved to Bari and then to Genoa which led to his transfer to Inter.

Ranocchia’s trip to Inter was short, but slowly declined due to various injury problems. He also had time on loan in Sampdoria and Hull City.

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