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Saad Lamjarred sings “Sawah” and “Your Story Eh” at New Year’s party in Sharm El-Sheikh

The Moroccan star, Saad Lamjarred, chose to sing the song “Sawah” by the nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez, and chose among the songs of the plateau, Amr Diab, the song “What is your story?”Sharm El Sheikh Inside the international city new year celebrations.

Moroccan star, Saad Lamjarred performed the concert in Sharm El-Sheikh with the song “Oday Al-Kalam”, and with the song he performed a dance show with his band to the applause of all present. of stars from the art, sports and media community.

After the end of the song, Saad said, addressing his words to the audience present: My greetings and my love to all of you, my dear audience, and I send you a message of greetings from the Moroccan people to the Egyptian people and his former fans.

The ceremony is the second for Saad Lamjarred in Egypt in 2022, as he had previously held a wedding in May, attended by a large number of artists, and this ceremony is specially prepared for foreign delegations celebrating Christmas in Egypt, which they will help revitalize and sustain tourism.

It is worth noting that Saad Lamjarred had recently married Ghaitha Al-Allaki, in November 2022, a Moroccan businesswoman, and Saad Lamjarred posted photos of the wedding ceremony and attached them to a comment, saying, “Thanks to the family and loved ones from dear Morocco, and to all who congratulated us and dear followers and fans from all over the world without exception.

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