S10 back in the Netherlands after the Eurovision Song Contest final

The singer participated with the song ‘De Diepte’ and achieved an eleventh place with her performance. Ukraine won the song spectacle as expected.

Despite the eleventh place, S10 looks back with satisfaction on the performance, she said earlier. “I had such a good time. It was my best performance so far, in my life actually,” she said a few hours after her performance. “It went exactly as I had hoped, maybe just a little disappointed with my position at the top. But it’s just been great.”

S10 scored better with the professional juries than with the viewers at home. The singer received 129 points from the juries and 42 points from the public. She received the highest number of points, the ‘douze points’, from Italy. The Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra received a total of 631 points. The United Kingdom and Spain finished in second and third place respectively.

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