Rutte looks with little enthusiasm at the king’s salary

The king’s salary was discussed during the discussion of the General Affairs budget, the ministry of the prime minister, who is ministerially responsible for the king.

In contrast to many other Dutch people, the king is progressing considerably. It is expected to increase by 5.2 percent next year. That is much higher than the average increase in purchasing power of 0.8 percent calculated by the Central Planning Board.

The king’s income consists of two parts. The A component is the king’s salary. That is about a million euros. The B component is the money he receives for personnel and equipment. That part is approximately 5 million euros.

According to Rutte, the B component is occasionally tested to see whether it is still appropriate. The House had already passed a motion about this. Rutte finds the discussion about the A component, the salary of the king, much more difficult. The same goes for the benefit that Crown Princess Amalia will eventually receive.

Not over and over again

The Prime Minister pointed out that in 2007 the entire House agreed to the current system. This should ensure stability in the income of the king. “I think that is of great value.”

Rutte does not approve of a discussion about the salary of the king every year. He is afraid that such a debate could quickly revert to populism. Several opposition parties asked questions about the salary, as did the ruling party D66. Before the end of the year, Rutte sends an extensive letter about the matter to the House.

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