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Russian Invasion Will Destroy Europe


Ukraine says a Russian invasion will destroy Europe. Photo/Illustration

JAKARTA – Tension still surrounds the border region Ukraine with the accumulation of troops Russia . However, some Moscow officials say they have no intention of invading the neighboring country.

In response, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called it a misleading statement.

“The facts speak for themselves: Russia continues to strengthen its fleet of troops, tanks, artillery systems, air and naval units along the borders of Ukraine and in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine,” he said in a written statement given to the Second Secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy Svitlana Kovtun, Friday. (14/1/2022).

“54 battalions of tactical groups have been deployed near Ukrainian territory. This means more than 106,000 trained regular soldiers, 1,500 tanks, 3,600 armored fighting vehicles and 1,900 artillery pieces are ready to launch a large-scale military operation,” he said.

Not only that, Russia on January 12 also had time to conduct military exercises near the Ukrainian border with about 3,000 soldiers and involved attack helicopters.

According to Kuleba, Russia was able to deploy more troops in a very short time in just a few days. Therefore United States of America (AS), NATO and European Union (EU) should strive to ensure that Russia de-escalates the situation along the border, in the occupied parts of the Donbas, and in the Crimea.

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“The consequences of Russia’s new invasion of Ukraine will be devastating for Europe. There is an urgent need for decisive and decisive action to avoid the worst-case scenario,” he said.

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