Russian Foreign Minister says for the first time that Moscow is at “war” with Ukraine

Foreign news agencies reported that Russian journalist Olga Skabeyeva released a video of the press conference held on the same day by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday, December 1, 2022. which shows that you have spoken out for the first time. Her country is at war with the Ukraine. After the past use of the wordspecial operationsmilitary forever

At the press conference, Mr. Lavrov said, “With Ukraine … we are not just standing up and going to war with Ukraine. Just because we don’t like Zelensky. Or why he stopped broadcasting on KVN and stopped managing his own Kvartal 95 theater. There was a reason for that. We have warned Ukraine for many years.”

The Russian government uses the term military special operations. calls for a full-scale attack on Ukraine since the invasion took place on February 24. There are sanctions under Russian law. But it is not clear whether there has been any change in this regard.

in the same press release the Russian Foreign Minister also said that Russia had never asked to negotiate with the Ukrainian side. But they are always ready to listen to each other.

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