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Russian Forces Destroy Dozens of Ukrainian Soldiers in Kupyan Direction

Russian servicemen from the Western group have destroyed dozens of Ukrainian soldiers in the Kupyan direction, the head of the press center of the group, Serhiy Zybinsky, told RIA Novosti.

“Total enemy losses amounted to up to 50 military personnel, a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, an M113 armored personnel carrier and three unmanned aerial vehicles,” he said.

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During the counter-battery battle, the servicemen of the group destroyed a Polish-made 155-mm self-propelled gun “Krab”, a 122-mm self-propelled gun 2C1 “Gvozdika”, a 122-mm towed howitzer D-30 and four mortars in the area of ​​​​Peschany, Petropavlovka, Stepovaya Novoselovka and Kislovka.

In addition, according to Zybinski, operational-tactical aviation carried out missile and bomb attacks on the temporary deployment point of the 14th mechanized brigade in the Petropavlovka region. In addition, crews of heavy flame-thrower systems engaged 32nd Mechanized Brigade personnel in the Zagoruykovka area.

During the fighting in the Kupyan direction, units of the Western Group of Troops repelled counterattacks by assault groups of the 54th and 67th mechanized brigades of Ukraine in the areas of the villages of Sinkovka and Zagoruykovka, the head of the press center added.

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