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Russian and Ukrainian Soldiers Unite Against Common Enemy: Rodent Infestation in Trenches

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Ukrainian and Russian soldiers have found a common enemy in the trenches.


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There are rats and mice.

In recent weeks, the rodents have become a major problem at the front in Ukraine, reports both Ukrainian and British intelligence.

– The rat and mouse attacks have reached exceptional levels, writes UK military intelligence in his daily report.

– As it has become colder, the animals are probably seeking protection in vehicles and defensive positions. Rodents will put further pressure on the soldiers’ morale at the front line, it says.

The animals can also gnaw over cables so that military vehicles stop, writes British intelligence.

– Reports that have not been verified say that Russian troops are beginning to suffer from an increasing number of cases of disease caused by the pests, it says.

TRENCH: The photo shows a Ukrainian officer nicknamed “Jimmy” in a trench in the Donetsk region. Photos were taken in November 2023. Photo: Oleg Petrasyuk / EPA / NTB

The Ukrainian military intelligence service GUR claims on Telegram that the fighting ability of the Russian soldiers is greatly affected. Being bitten by rats or eating contaminated food can make people sick, it says.

It is indicated that rat bite fever can cause severe headaches and body temperatures of up to 40 degrees, blood pressure drops, bleeding in the eyes, etc.

Ukrainian military claims that only the Russians have the problem:

TRENCH: A Ukrainian soldier walks with his dog in a front-line trench near the Russian-occupied town of Horlivka in the Donetsk region. Photo: ANATOLII STEPANOV / AFP / NTB

– In the Avdiivka area and other places along the front, the enemy is starting to suffer from trench disease, says Colonel Aleksandr Shtupun to the news agency Union.

– The main reason for such epidemics among the occupiers is the lack of hygiene, he continues.

According to the colonel, the Russians ignore sanitary standards. He also reports a problem with lice.

The background for the rat and mouse problem must be a mild autumn combined with the fact that the rodents have had plenty of food available.


Published: 25.12.23 at 17:51

Updated: 25.12.23 at 18:15

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