Russia – Ukraine war. He was said to be a traitor. He supported his countrymen. “Leave our country!”

An experienced footballer has aroused great emotions in the country for a long time. According to many Ukrainians, when signing the contract with Zenit Saint Petersburg, Jarosław Rakicki put his own interests ahead of the situation between Russia and Ukraine. 32-year-old in early March however, he decided to terminate the contract with the club.

Many fans had a grudge against Rakicki. They considered him a lover of Russia and emphasized that during the matches of the national team, he did not always keep his hand on his heart during the national anthem. Moreover, in their opinion, he did not always sing it. Since the military invasion of Ukraine, the footballer has repeatedly emphasized that he is against the war.

Earlier, Rakicki published a post on Instagram with a photo of the Ukrainian flag, under which he published a short signature opposing the war. Today, the 32-year-old footballer once again protested on social media against the situation in Ukraine.

“Humanity rules the world, kindness and love for the motherland, for the mother, for the children and for the family rule the world. It is impossible to remain silent. We suffer for the motherland, for Ukraine! Peaceful Ukrainians are killed by Russian soldiers. We do not need to be liberated! Leave us and our Ukraine! There is no point in arguing about the influence of propaganda, about the fact that Russia disinforms its citizens. You are not told the truth. I wish good and peace to my freedom-loving Ukraine! ” – wrote Rakicki.

The post was quickly commented on by Andriy Yarmolenko, the Ukrainian footballer West Ham, who cried out after scoring a goal against Aston Villa. In his entry, the competitor inserted several hand emoticons that applaud.

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