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Russia Launches Combined Attack on Odessa; Urgent Response Needed

According to Bratchuk, the Russians again resorted to a combined attack. The invaders launched rockets from the sea, air and Crimea. The attack on Odessa was also confirmed by the head of the OVA.

“A terrorist country is once again attacking the Odessa region with various types of weapons. Our air defense forces are working. Do not film or distribute their work on social networks! Do not help the terrorists,” Oleg Kiper, head of the Odessa OVA, said.

OK “South” urged not to publish the work of air defense

“Another enemy attack in the south of Ukraine. The enemy is using various types of weapons. Combat work is underway. Do not interfere with the Defense Forces. Do not orient the enemy by distributing photos/videos of arrivals and air defense operations,” OK Yug said in a statement.

Video of rocket launches from temporarily occupied Sevastopol published

It is reported that the Russians fired part of the missiles from the waters of the temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

A fire broke out in Odessa

According to journalists “Public“, a fire broke out in one of the districts of Odessa.

The Office of the President of Ukraine reacted to the shelling of Odessa

“Russian terrorists are attacking Odessa again. This is an undisguised terror of a peaceful city. The enemy must be deprived of the opportunity to hit civilians and infrastructure,” Andriy Yermak, head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said.

According to him, more missile defense systems, as well as ATACMS, will help Ukraine.

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